Our History

16-River_EstuaryIn 2003, Boise (formerly Boise-Cascade), a major industrial timber company, announced plans to harvest forest acreage located on the ridges and steep slopes south of the Yachats River that are the backdrop of the south facing view of Yachats.  A group of people got together to discuss what could be done to preserve at least the part of Boise’s acreage that was most visible from town.

Yachats-Area_2009-NAIP_FCP_Page_2View the Future was formed as a nonprofit corporation. In July 2004, VtF received a ruling from the IRS making it a tax-exempt corporation which could receive tax deductible contributions. Eleven years of negotiations with two subsequent owners, Forest Capital Partners and Hancock Timber, resulted in no sale since the appraisal and asking price were too far apart.  Negotiations may occur in the future.