VtF Conservation Easements and Properties

View the Future holds conservation easements on three properties

The Kittel easement (2005)

In 2005-2006, a conservation easement was created on 27.34  acres of forested headland owned by Joanne and Norman Kittel.  This easement forever protects a Spruce forest viewshed from being logged.  It also has a half mile of public trail called the Amanda Trail that provides dramatic views of gull and sea lion rookeries, and the Pacific. The Trail easement is under the State Parks & Recreation Department and connects to the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area to the South.

Amanda  trail

Kittel easement:  The Amanda statue & trail part of the Oregon Coast Trail


Surf views from the Kittel easement 

Gerdemann Garden & Public Trail easement

rhododendronJim Gerdeman, a botanist and plant pathologist and Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois, and wife Janice, a retired teacher, developed and nurtured a unique botanical garden just north of Yachats.

Rhododendrons  many not commonly cultivated in Oregon, grow beneath native spruce and shore pine. Native flowers such as trillium, bleeding heart, and western lily are encouraged and Jim has hybridized and named several new plants.

The Gerdemann Botanical Preserve guarantees that this treasure of biological diversity and profound serenity will always preserved.  The conservation easement also provides a public hiking trail through the Preserve that is accessed via the Ya’Xaik Trail.  View the Future has established a garden maintenance endowment in 2011 to provide a sustainable maintenance program.  If you are interested in helping to preserve this remarkable site, donations are tax deductible.   (View diagram of garden )

GBP Public Footpath2


Scott Property Purchase (2016)

Adjoins the Northeast corner of the Gerdemann garden. A .36-acre site, this property is now owned by View the Future to preserve its middle growth spruce and hemlock but also to protect part of the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve’s delicate botanicals from the harsh north winds if it were to be clear-cut.  to assure its preservation, View the Future entered into a partnership with the Oregon Coast Community Association who is the holder of the conservation easement

Bryan Property easement(2014)

View the Future partnered with Lincoln County’s Land Legacy Program and Lincoln County to protect a 4.3 acres between highway 101 and the 804 trail so that it will remain a natural area forever.