VtF Accomplishments

2016 Purchased and installed the Ben Christensen Memorial Bench on the Amanda Trail in partnership with the Yachats Trails Committee.
2016 Received a grant, solicited funds, and completed five local First Nation Interpretive signs installed on the Amanda and Ya’Xaik Trails.
2016 Financially contributed to “Bring Portia Home” Yachats Public Art project,
2016 Purchased and installed the Ben Christensen Memorial Bench on the Amanda Trail in partnership with the Yachats Trails Committee.
2016 Wrote and was awarded funds from the Ford Family Foundation for the Yachats Community Garden to build raised beds.
2015 Acquired 1/3 acre for preservation and to protect the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve.
2015-2017 Established the Ben Christensen fund to create local First Nation interpretive signs.
2013 Became holder of the Bryan Conservation Easement.
2007-2013 Wrote and received grant from the Oregon Parks Foundation Fund for the construction of the Ya’Xaik Trail.
2012 Set up the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve Endowment as well as GBP maintenance fund.
2012, 2013, & 2014 Co-sponsored National Trails Day with Siuslaw National Forest.
2012-2013 Became holder of the Gerdemann Public Trail Easement and contributed funds to its development.
2011 Co-sponsored kiosk at the Yachats State Park about Central Coast history.
2010-2011 Became holder of the Gerdemann Botanical Preserve Conservation Easement.
2009-2011 Wrote and received the grant for Amanda Bridge project and solicited matching funds.
2010 With U.S. Geological Survey and Oregon Names Program name assignment of  “Amanda Creek” for creek crossing the Amanda Trail.
2010 Paid for capital improvements to new section of the Amanda Trail.
2007 Co-sponsored 100th anniversary event of the Siuslaw National Forest.
2006- 2007 Co-sponsored Giant Spruce Tree designated as an Oregon Heritage Tree.
2005-present Fundraised for land acquisition.
2005-2006 Became holder of the Kittel Conservation Easements.
2004-present Conducted outreach and education via brochures, newsletters, press releases, and a website plus setting up booths at a variety of events.
2004-2015 Researched, arranged and /or presented educational and sessions and public awareness symposiums on ecological protection.
2004-2015 Developed relationships with land-owners and partners in an attempt to acquire and protect 1000 acres of Yachats viewshed.
2004-present Represented Yachats community and VtF at land use and sustainability conferences and governmental and organizational meetings.

January 2018

Link to copy of an article from the November/December 2017 edition of the Oregon Coast Magazine, titled “Those that came before; A short history of the early inhabitants of the Yachats area,” written by Michael K. Shay. It describes a piece of the history of the Alsea and Coos Indians that inhabited the early Yachats area for thousands of years, and of the dark years when Yachats became a detention camp for forcedly displaced Indians as their land was reallocated to settlers.  The Amanda statue on the Amanda Trail pays tribute to that history and to one native woman who experienced it.  The statue and the grotto it sits in has become a source of healing, and for the last eight years Yachats’ citizens and tribal members have joined in a New Year’s Day Peace Hike walking from Yachats to the Grotto to hear Amanda’s story “it’s a solemn and spiritual path that remembers in perpetuity” (J. Kittel 2017).

Oregon Coast Magazine Article Nov/Dec2017.pdf.

The Amanda statue on the Amanda Trail








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