Who We Are

View the Future (VtF), Inc. is a locally based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization that has been responsible for stewarding and conserving land for scenic views, wildlife habitat, environmental health, and recreation since 2004. We work with landowners and community partners to preserve, protect and enhance local forest lands, viewsheds, watersheds, and shorelines, and the culture, aesthetics, and heritage of the Yachats area.


Our role as “Stewards of the Landscape” 

“It is the landscape that sets the context for Yachats and provides much of the basis for the community’s existence. The natural riches provided to the area in terms of scenic views, forested hillsides, picturesque stream-ways clean air and water, a diversity of wildlife and many other less dramatic, but equally important resources, not only creates economic benefits but provides the spiritual environment that gives meaning and purpose to so many of the community’s residents and visitors. The value of the land as a resource to be preserved, rather than just used, is recognized throughout the community. Stewardship is seen as a responsibility to    nurture the land, not to possess it.”

(From “An Active Vision to Create Community for the Yachats Area” (1999); Yachats City Council Strategic Plan for 2020)

Our Mission

“The mission of View the Future is to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural environment, promoting collaborative actions for scientific, educational, recreational, cultural, and economic goals for the benefit of the Yachats community and its future generations.”